When Passion Meets Purpose

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My passion is art. My purpose is building up my community. 

Hi, I’m Krystyna Kwiecinski. I’m excited to introduce you to the Art Shop Project. A place where I have merged my passion and purpose into a single exciting venture. 

Through the Art Shop Project, I aim to support and promote Canadian artists while raising funds to support healthcare organizations and the vital work they do in our communities.

I have always dreamed that one day I would own an art gallery; to be surrounded by beautiful works of art, and to help others access art. Over the past year, I have used my energy to source talented Canadian artists to feature as part of the online gallery, the Art Shop Project. Each month, I will showcase the work of a different artist, making available for sale both their original works alongside limited edition prints. 

The Art Shop Project is more than a gallery where art aficionados browse and purchase a beautiful piece. This is a gallery that gives back. When you purchase work from the Art Shop Project, 7% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to a healthcare or social services organization of your choice. Is hospice work close to your heart? Would you like to support a cancer centre? A women’s shelter? You choose the organization that you’d like to support and we send them a donation - it’s that simple. 

If you’re looking for art to display in your home or office and aren’t sure where to start, I can help with that too. Through our Curated Art page, please reach out and let me know what you are looking for. Using our connections with artists, we are confident we can find the perfect piece for your unique space. 

As  the inaugural blog post, written for the launch of the Art Shop Project; I’m very pleased to introduce you to our first featured Canadian artist Jose Cifuents. Jose is known for his style-defying work, with canvases that move fluidly between the abstract and the figural. We hope you’ll love his work as much as we do - please take time to browse and shop Jose’s original artworks

Thank you for your support of Canadian art and our community!


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