The Art Shop Project shines a spotlight on Canadian artists while making a meaningful difference in our communities by donating to local healthcare organizations.

Why we are here

There is something truly special that happens when passion meets purpose. It’s at this intersection where the Art Shop Project lives and thrives.

The Art Shop Project was inspired by a strong desire to support local healthcare organizations and their volunteers; the organizations that work tirelessly to support the health and wellbeing of our friends, family, and neighbours.

Krystyna, founder of the Art Shop Project, saw first hand the hard work and dedication of volunteers and staff at healthcare organizations through her work with the Canadian Purchasing Collective.

The Art Shop Project’s mission is to create a valuable source of revenue to support the fundraising efforts of hospitals and local healthcare organizations.


Each month the Art Shop Project features original works of art by a Canadian artist, which are available for purchase. With each sale, the Art Shop Project will donate 7% of the proceeds to the hospital or healthcare organization of the buyer’s choice. 

The impact of the Art Shop Project is two-fold: supporting Canadian artists and providing a much needed source of revenue to healthcare organizations. 

Who knew that buying incredible works of art could make such a difference? Whether you are looking for work to adorn the walls of your home, your office, or a public space, the Art Shop Project is a gallery that gives back - and you can feel good about your purchase!